Season 28 (2011)


Erika Conaway Amneris
Lou Steele Radames
Felicia Curry Aida
Willie Garner Mereb
Ted Anderson Zoser
Grayson Owen Pharaoh
Summer Wronge Nehebka
Michael Forest Amonasro
Joshua Del Brandt Zoser's Crony
Nate Golden Zoser's Crony
Mikey Nagy Zoser's Crony
Robert C. Mobley Soldier/Zoser's Crony
A.J. Ackleson Minister/Soldier
Jonny Baird Minister/Soldier
James Schoppe Minister/Soldier
Jeremy Ward Minister/Soldier
Tom Cannan Minister
Zac Ostrowski Minister
Nicholas Cirillo Palace Guard/Soldier
Will Goodwin Palace Guard/Soldier
Evin Hoffman Soldier
Christie Farrell Palace Woman
Maura Fowler Palace Woman
Holly Hale Palace Woman
Rebecca Kaz Handmaiden/Palace Woman
Kayla O'Keefe Handmaiden/Palace Woman
Lauren Monteleone Exotic Dancer/Palace Woman
Michelle Sauers Exotic Dancer/Palace Woman
Whitney Warrenfeltz Handmaiden/Palace Woman
Abbey Austin Fashion Model/Handmaiden
Mallory Keene Fashion Model/Wedding Attendant
Catharine Kuntz Fashion Model
Erin Long Fashion Model/Wedding Attendant
Hayley Norris Fashion Model/Wedding Attendant
Chelsey Smith Fashion Model/Wedding Attendant
Tamara Young Exotic Dancer/Nubian Woman
Marquis Johnson Nubian Man
Jason Labrador Nubian Man
Matthew Lincoln-Bugg Nubian Man
Steven Plater Nubian Man
Timothy Springs Nubian Man
Vanchessca Allen Nubian Woman
Meagan Johnson Nubian Woman
Ashley Thorns Nubian Woman
Tara Lynn Yates-Reeves Nubian Woman

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