The King and I


Frank Marino King
Richard P. Wesley Captain Orton
Mark Riley Louis
Chad Hrbek Louis
Jennifer Brandt Anna
Jerry Walker Interpreter/Uncle Thomas
Charles McIver Kralahome
Craig Myers Archer/Phra Alack
Chris Yohn Archer/Lun Tha
Amy Meyer Tuptim
Susan McCormack-Pike Lady Thiang
Andrew C. Boothby Sir Edward Ramsay
Matt Lyons Prince Chululongkorn
Rhonda Cole Topsy/Wife
Celeste Furman Singing Lady/Wife
Kathryn Allison Angel George/Wife
Robin Higginbotham Eliza/Wife
Aileen Geraghty Little Eva/Wife
Maryke Huyding Dog/Scene Changer/Wife
Darlin Inkelaar Singing Lady/Wife
Nicole Welch Singing Lady/Wife
Sylvia Blanks Buddha/Wife
Suzanne dePlanque Wife
Ted Anderson Siamese Man
Steven Booth Siamese Man
Jeff Combs Siamese Man
Isaac Miller Siamese Man
Mark Ring Siamese Man
Michelle Bertram Child of the King
Liza Bush Child of the King
Carey Hrbek Child of the King
Jason Huntsberry Child of the King
Mary A. Lewis Child of the King
Sean Lofton Child of the King
Jessica McGreevy Child of the King
Claire Rezba Child of the King
Lindsey Shaner Child of the King
Maya Stanton Child of the King
Sara Studebaken Child of the King
Mary Willis White Child of the King
Rick Conway Simon of Lagree
Michael Hill Archer
Linda Harbert Dog/Scene Changer
Staci Barbour Dog/Scene Changer
Ben Bedenbaugh Scene Changer

Production Staff

Harold Herman Director
James H. Laster Music Director
Joan Walton Choreographer
William McConnell Bozman Scenic Designer
Kent Homchick Lighting Designer
Cheryl Neeley Costume Designer
Diane Boothby Stage Manager
Eric Krause Technical Director
Michael Frederick Rehearsal Accompanist

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