Beauty and the Beast

Season 34
Opening performance: July 06, 2017
Closing performance: July 16, 2017


Libby Ingham Narrator
Isaac Miller The Beast
Sarah Summerwell Enchantress/Madame
Emma Coniglio Belle
Richard P. Wesley Maurice
Chris Clark Gaston
Michael Recchia Lefou
Rafael Martinez-Salgado Monsieur D'Arque
Jordan Stocksdale Cogsworth
Zachary Bigelow Lumiére
Patricia Pep Targete Babette
Elizabeth Albert Mrs. Potts
Ainsley Deegan Chip
Emma Benson Silly Girl
Jessica Lynch Silly Girl
Jordan Leigh McCaskill Silly Girl
Kimberly Aikens Townsperson/Servant
Sofia Aikens Townsperson/Servant
Luke Bernier Townsperson/Servant
Kamryn Burton Townsperson/Servant
James Casey Townsperson/Servant
Dorian Davis Townsperson/Servant
Katie Davis Townsperson/Servant
Logan Foster Townsperson/Servant
Cassidy Fraley Townsperson/Servant
Lawrence Hailes Townsperson/Servant
Noah Israel Townsperson/Servant
Ari Messeca Townsperson/Servant
Garrett Metzler Townsperson/Servant
Grant Myers Townsperson/Servant
Esai Siddeeq Townsperson/Servant
Joseph Powell Townsperson/Servant
Erin Puskar Townsperson/Servant
Madelyn Pyles Townsperson/Servant
George P. Roberts Townsperson/Servant
Miranda Schnoor Townsperson/Servant
Adia J. Seckel Townsperson/Servant

Production Staff

Kevin Covert Director
Karen Keating Music Director
Robin Higginbotham Choreographer
William Pierson Scenic Designer/Technical Director
William McConnell Bozman Scenic Designer
Andrew Carson Lighting Designer
Cheryl Yancey Costume Designer
Hunter Greer Stage Manager
Alexander Tom Assistant Music Director
Erin Puskar Dance Captain
Olivia Ciotti Rehearsal Accompanist
Drew Becker Assistant to the Director
Kit Wilder Fight Director



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